Tokyo Kitty

“Now boarding the 9:30 non-stop flight from Cincinnati to Tokyo.”
“Hope you’ve had enough to drink. It’s going to take courage.”
Tokyo Kitty is a one of a kind, experience driven, Japanese-style karaoke bar that immerses guests in the sense-stimulating culture of Tokyo where the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Where memories are painted neon. Where singing + dancing is curated, and where everyone’s inner extrovert comes out to play.
The experience begins as guests arrive at a sleek, minimalist concourse after clearing airport security, and grabbing a pre-flight Kumamon cocktail. When it’s time to board, passengers enter “the teleporter”, an entirely mirror infinity room, which instantly transplants them from the streets of Cincinnati to a neo-futurist vision of Tokyo.  Robots and neon flash over head, as any wannabe rock-star belts out a lively, version of their favorite song.
For those guests wanting a further cultivated experience, rental able karaoke pods are available to accommodate different sized groups.  An eclectic host leads guests down a jagged corridor reminiscent of a back-alley, and into one of the seven uniquely themed karaoke pods.  These pods where designed to become karaoke machines, built to provide a tailored user experience capped off with full bar service delivered by robot. 
Tokyo kitty is a full force, brand experience.  An anti-space, where architecture, graphics, and cocktails, produce a futurist vision that will not let you forget it, but will let you forget yourself.