Please is an approachable chef-owner restaurant and bar on the ground level of a historic mixed-use building in Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati. Situated on a quiet corner of a subordinate street between two major thoroughfares – Please acts as a lantern, luring folks down a path less traveled. Accentuated with color and glass, the storefront provides intrigue and transparency into the creative collision of kitchen and dining room. Please is polite – exhibiting restraint between the cuisine and interior to create a harmonious intimacy.
Please evolved from a ‘pop-up’ experience into a ‘brick and mortar’, promoting components harvested locally by means of foraging, pillaging and scavenging. Ingredients line the basement walls and hang from the ceilings, finding their way into carefully created edible compositions – decoration wanes. The materials resonate in the same manner – wood, brick and neutral tones throughout, infused by mise en place of the chef’s epicurean transformations.  
The ground level accommodates the dining room, kitchen, bar and the infamous #pleasepotty – the viral restroom popping up throughout various publications - into just shy of one thousand square feet. The supplementary back of house components reside in the basement, completing the full-service scratch kitchen restaurant. At the helm, chef humbly invites patrons into his kitchen for an experiential trajectory through sights, scents, tastes and a soupcon of exposition.