Scope: Multi-family renovation of a historic building
2016 Honor Award - CRAN Awards 

With the renaissance of Cincinnati’s urban core, the demand for modern living in the heart of the city has increased. Situated across from Music Hall and the newly-revitalized Washington Park, the 19th century “Parksite” apartment building sat abandoned and severely dilapidated. Rather than raze and build anew, the architects and developers of the project committed to working with the challenges of a historic building.
In addition to maintaining the historic façade, the renovation reverted to the building's original eight individual residential units and preserved each of the 40 existing fireplaces and mantels. These historic artifacts stand in contrast to the modern aesthetic of the new kitchens and bathrooms. In order to do so and comply modern building codes, a new circulation core (elevator and stairs) was delicately introduced to the center of the building- now also giving residents access to a new roof deck overlooking the park and Music Hall. The project is an example of preserving the best parts of the old while introducing modern and sympathetic elements to form